User Manual

Pro Pack: Main Features

With Pro Pack®, you`ll get access to amazing pro-level features that are hardly, if ever, found in mobile apps:

  • Military-Grade Encryption for files & folders.
  • Create encrypted and password-protected ZIP archives to send via unsecured public channels.
  • Add or Upgrade PDF Encryption and Password.
  • Secure Photocopy for PDF files.
  • Split Screen: read two files, or even two parts of the same file, simultaneously (iPad only).
  • Auto Sync: sync your files and folders to remote servers.
  • PDF Page Management: add, delete, extract, email, rearrange individual PDF pages, split & merge PDF files.
  • Convert to PDF: convert your TXT, pictures, and other files to PDF, to draw annotations on them later.
  • Flatten & Unflatten: flatten your annotations to prevent them from further editing or deleting. Make your handwritten signature on a PDF a non-removable part of the original PDF page.
  • Save Video Snapshot as JPEG or PDF. You can annotate that PDF later.
  • Fine-tuning types of PDF Annotations to include in the PDF Annotations Summary.
  • SMB 3 Traffic Encryption.
  • Working with multi-frame image files (Animated GIF, multi-page TIFF).
  • Accessing Dropbox Team Space (Dropbox Business).
  • Switching Drives for OneDrive / SharePoint connections.
  • Custom repositories for OneDrive / SharePoint.
  • Many more cool features to come in the future.


Here`s how to get Pro Pack for different versions of GoodReader:

  • GoodReader (standard version) — Pro Pack is available as a paid subscription. The app will offer you to subscribe every time you try to use a Pro Pack feature. There is a free trial for you to enjoy, and you can cancel your subscription renewal at any time, as described by Apple.
  • GoodReader Pro — no need to do anything! Pro Pack is already included.
  • Secure Reader for BlackBerry — same here, no need to do anything. Pro Pack is already included.



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Fantastic App

This app delivers what it says it will deliver. I am on a national nonprofit board and travel a lot for work. I read a lot on planes and had a bulky laptop or the weight of documents. Still, I want to mark stuff up. This app lets me do that. I can annotate all I want. I can also organize .pdfs, conference agendas, research articles. You will get more than you expect. Make sure to read the instruction guide as there are many handy-dandy features that are not always so apparent (although all the basics are intuitive and easy to figure out).

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