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How to Edit Files in GoodReader

While GoodReader is an app designed mainly for reading, it does allow you to edit certain types of files:



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One of the few...

of the many hundreds if not thousands of iOS apps I have paid for, in terms of time, money, and typically both, that I actually use on a regular basis. The main reasons for this are stability, existence and adequacy of documentation, the absence of a requirement to create a superfluous online account with the vendor, infrequency of paid updates and online purchases, and most importantly, simple usefulness. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of mobile applications available from Apple`s store satisfy mostly the opposite of these criteria: they are unstable, undocumented or poorly so or in a foreign language, require the user to create a "cloud" or other type of account with the vendor, simply to work with desktop documents, often as a way of extracting additional passive income while undermining user`s privacy, proliferate paid updates and online purchases, and in many cases are designed as toys for children. I applaud the producers of GoodReader for such a statistically improbable achievement!

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