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How to Convert TXT to PDF

Regardless of the format that your original document is in, we can quickly convert and save it in PDF in a few seconds with GoodReader app.



Use the Actions menu to convert the current TXT file into a PDF. You can later draw and type annotations on that PDF file.

"Convert to PDF" is a part of Pro Pack.



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Great for multiple servers

I have been using GoodReader for years. I really like it as a file manager and connecting to all my different servers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive). LOVE that you can name and reorder these, which can`t do in a bunch of other file manager apps.

It`s also easy to just mount GoodReader as a server to your computer over WiFi and transfer files between your device and computer. Solid app. Frequent updates. Nice interface. Happy customer.

Tried "Documents 5" by Readdle and some other ones like "Documents" by Savvy Soda and keep coming back to GoodReader because it`s so powerful even if the interface looks a little strange. More powerful than many other file managers.

rallycar27, Review on the App Store

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