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TXT: Buttons & Controls

GoodReader is a powerful tool for editing, collaboration, and publishing. Even with its wide range of features, it is so easy to get started with that you`ll be able to focus on the work at hand.


About the menu:

GoodReader offers several modes for the main menu when reading files:


  • Auto-hiding menu.
  • Auto-hiding menu with the status bar on.
  • No auto-hiding for the main menu


You can select one of these modes by opening a mini-menu at the bottom-left corner of the screen - there`s a small handle in the corner which you can drag to open the mini-menu to select the auto-hiding mode.

In any mode, you can always show or hide the main menu manually by quickly tapping in the middle of the screen.



Tap on the current file name to open the list of recent files. You can also use this menu to quickly rename or delete the file, or assign a star to it.



If you want to close the file, tap the small "x" on the right side of the tab displaying the file name. If you want to close the file viewer without closing the file, tap the large "X" in the top left corner of the screen to go back to the file list.



Use the File Tabs panel to switch between recent files quickly.



Use the Split Screen (Pro Pack only) button to split the screen in two (iPad only).

Use two halves of the screen to read two different files or even two different parts of the same file.



Day / Night mode switch. Quickly switches between day and night color schemes.



Various viewer settings for TXT files, including selection of text encoding, font for the text, and colors for day and night modes.



Use the Speak button for Text-to-Speech reading. The Speak panel will appear with following options including: Volume, Stop, Back, Pause, Forward, Read From Here (to read starting from the currently displayed page), Speech Speed, Language (accent), and progress/navigate.



Auto-Scrolling for Hands-Free Reading.







The buttons: Edit, Bookmarks, Find, Actions (Share, Export to Files, Email, Print, Convert to PDF).


Use the Edit button to edit the text of a TXT file. Tap the Edit button, then tap the text to place the cursor, and use the pop-up keyboard to add or delete text. Tap Save to save edits and continue editing, or tap Save & Close to save and go back to read-only mode.



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GoodReader 5.0.3

Great app update!!! Quicker & more useable across the board. All good & amazing except even though I have excluded my audio files from Apple`s Data Protection in the security settings the app no longer plays all files in a folder in the background. It plays only 1 file then stops. It does work correctly when the App itself is open & visible. It also works correctly on the iPad version—just the iPhone version is broken. Hope this can be fixed because I use this feature a lot. It also worked correctly in older versions of GoodReader.

This app is simply the best for handling pdf`s and other text files!!!

User wil%cad>, Review on the App Store

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