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TXT Auto-Scroll for Hands-Free Reading

With GoodReader`s TXT Auto-Scroll feature you can read TXT files hands-free with automatic scrolling.


First, transfer a TXT file to GoodReader (see: How To Import Files & Folders), then tap the file name to open it.


Variable speed Auto-Scroll lets you read the text without ever touching the screen.


Use the Play button to start auto-scrolling:



To stop auto-scrolling, quickly tap in the middle of the screen to show the main menu if it`s currently hidden, then press Stop.


You can adjust the auto-scrolling speed by using the slider at the right side of the screen. The slider is only visible when the main menu is on. Quickly tap in the middle of the screen to show or hide the menu:



While auto-scrolling, you can always pause or scroll the file manually. Auto-scroll will pause automatically while you`re holding or dragging the screen. Then resumes automatically as soon as you let go.



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