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How to Download YouTube Videos

There`s an easy way to save an embedded HTML5 video, such as a YouTube video currently opened in Safari.


You have to create a special bookmark in Safari first. Later, when you have a webpage with an embedded HTML5 video opened in Safari, you can select this special bookmark, and the video file will be automatically downloaded to GoodReader.


To create this special bookmark, open GoodReader`s Settings, General Settings section, and tap the button called Bookmark for video. Then go to Safari and create a new bookmark. Bookmarking absolutely any page will do at this initial point. Name this bookmark, for example, Save video to GoodReader. Then press the bookmark button, and then Edit. Select this new bookmark. Now Safari will let you modify the address of this bookmark. Delete the old address and paste the text from the pasteboard (GoodReader has prepared this unique text for you in the pasteboard). Save the modified bookmark address. The new bookmark is ready to be used in Safari for saving YouTube videos.


This feature is not guaranteed to work at all times. It heavily relies on a certain combination of JavaScript and HTML structures on a web page, as well as some specifics of the web browser. Those things can change at any time without notice, breaking the way the bookmark is supposed to work. Please consider this feature as a useful funny little hack, and don`t rely on it to work at all times in your everyday business and personal decisions.



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