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How to Find Text in PDF

GoodReader comes with a primary search function that allows you to search PDF content for specific words or phrases. To execute a basic search request complete the following steps:


First, transfer a file to GoodReader (see: How To Import Files & Folders), then tap a file name to open it.


Press the Search button to open the Find dialog, then enter the text to find, or choose a recently used text.



Please note that some PDF files may be unsearchable. The most likely reason for that is a scanned page that may look like a text, but in reality, it is a picture. However, it`s easy to verify. Tap on the text and hold it for a second to see if it gets selected as a text. If it does, then this text is going to be searchable.
There may be an issue with searching for text in right-to-left reading languages (Hebrew, Arabic.) While the nature of this text is right-to-left, some PDF Composing Engines may encode it within the file in a left-to-right manner. This means that in order to find a text, you may have to enter it backward – this is how this text is stored within the file. To make it easier for you, we`re offering the Flip String switch on the Find Text dialog, specifically for cases like this.



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Great App. I use it daily

I bought the first version when it came out. I was glad to buy the update. The file system provides functionality that I need. I keep pdfs, jpgs, and even docx documents in it. I keep forms I regularly use. I keep a lot of graphics on my iPads and GoodReader is the best tool for organizing them. The ability to annotate pdfs is crucial since I can keep the original and the annotated version. I can see things I could do with it but just haven`t put them in my work flow yet. So far it works the way I want it to work on my iPad Pro including using the Apple Pencil. I purchased the Pro version and it works well. I thought the iOS Files app would reduce my need for GoodReader but it has not. There are quirks to Files that make it less useful for me. For one thing I want my primary storage to always be on my iPads. I often work in locations with no wifi access so local storage is essential. Backup to iCloud works the way I want it to.


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