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How to Add a Bookmark to PDF

Creating your bookmark memorizes the current location in an open file. Use the Edit button to delete or rearrange your bookmarks. Swipe a bookmark to delete it. Use the blue arrow button to edit the name of a bookmark. To create a new bookmark, either use this Bookmarks window (there`s the Add Bookmark button), or tap-and-hold on a PDF page for the annotating menu to come up, or use the Side Menu.



Use this button to open the Locations window, where you can select different modes - Bookmarks, Outlines, and Annotations Summary list.

There are 2 types of Bookmarks - the ones created by you, and the ones embedded into a PDF file (also known as Table of Contents, Sidebar Reference or Outlines).

Embedded bookmarks (Outlines) structured in a tree hierarchy. To save precious screen space, outlines only for the current level are shown. To see outlines of the next level, press a blue arrow to the right of the outline of interest.

Select a bookmark or an entry in annotations summary list to instantly go to its location.



Bookmarks not saved with the file, so you won`t see them when exporting a file outside GoodReader. However, you can send a summary of all bookmarks via Email by using the Email button on the Bookmarks window.

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GoodReader is still the app I rely on most to use the iPad as a professional tool. Without GoodReader, I am not sure I could still consider the iPad as a very portable, almost full-strength computer. There are other very good apps which have become available since I found GoodReader many years ago, and more and more of them now perform one or another GoodReader function as well as or almost as well as GoodReader. But there is still nothing like GoodReader itself. Even if GoodReader never upgrades again, please do not become discontinued altogether. For one thing, I would not know how to organize and keep track of the tens of thousands of documents I now have on the iPad. I rely on GR for so much more as well. Thank you to the developers.

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