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How to Add a Bookmark to PDF

Important note about Bookmarks:
GoodReader Bookmarks are local to the device (and the app) where you created them. They are stored separately from the original file, and they do not get exported when you`re sending or syncing the actual file. We consider Bookmarks as something temporary and casual, similar to a traditional bookmark in a paper book. If you`re making bookmarks that are more important, and must be saved permanently, try using PDF Annotations instead. Having said that, you can always send a summary of all your Bookmarks via Email if you need to.


Creating a new Bookmark.

Creating a bookmark memorizes the current location in an open file. You can also attach a short note to it. (See the warning above – don`t expect those notes to be stored permanently within the actual file.)

Use the Add Bookmark button on the Side Panel or a popup menu that appears when you tap-and-hold on the page:




Working with Bookmarks.

Use this button to open the Locations window:


Select the Bookmarks tab on that window.

Use this tab to delete, sort, and rename Bookmarks. You can also add a new Bookmark, and email a list of all existing Bookmarks.

Tapping on a Bookmark`s name takes you to the saved location.



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