Navigating Through a PDF File

Navigating Through a PDF File

GoodReader especially designed to make the opening, viewing and navigating through PDF documents as easy as possible. The document and page controls allow you to manage your workspace while working with more than one document at the same time.
First, transfer a file to GoodReader (see: How To Import Files & Folders), then tap a file name to open it.
Select one of three page-turning modes using the Settings button when reading a PDF file - Horizontal Page Turning, Vertical Page Turning, or Continuous Page Scrolling.
Depending on whether you choose Horizontal or Vertical page turning, or Continuous Scroll, tap or swipe on different parts of the screen to turn pages or scroll in that respective direction. Please note that some PDF elements, such as annotations or links, may be selectable, so tapping on them will bring up a menu, or go to the link destination instead of turning the page. If that happens, tap on another area of the screen to dismiss the menu, then avoid tapping/swiping on the annotation or link to turn the page or scroll.

Tapping on a PDF link instantly takes you to the link destination. If you prefer, you can have the links displayed with a thin border around them – this can be enabled in PDF Settings.
Use the Page Slider to select any page within the document.

Use Bookmarks to jump to your favorite places in a file.
Use Table of Contents (a.k.a. Outlines).
Use the Annotations Summary list to find all your annotations and to export them in an email.
Lock the page to avoid accidental scrolling or page-turning. When in locked mode, use special buttons, Bluetooth foot pedal, or a generic Bluetooth keyboard to turn pages. This feature is popular among musicians during live performances when staying on a particular page is critical even if you accidentally touch the screen.
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Best PDF reader (and SO much more!!!)

Best PDF reader!!, also great as a secure photo/video viewer, music player, browser, and file downloader. Useful for file sharing, has integrated iCloud folder and sub folders which you can export to from others apps. Integrates Touch ID/Face ID to unlock, selectable for the entire app, the browser, or individual folders (or any combination). So many great features!!! I'm not even going to go into detail on the fantastic pdf viewing/editing/annotating features, and they are stellar.

*Feature request: please make it possible to loop videos (overall, and A-B repeat), auto play the next video, and shuffle a playlist of videos. I'd pay for the app again if a new version had these features.

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