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Pro Pack ® Main Features

GoodReader Pro Pack ® Main Features

While many app's features are immediately available upon the app installation, some features may require a subscription to Pro Pack®, a set of advanced pro-level features. Please note that some versions of the app may already include Pro Pack in the initial app purchase. Specifically, these are special versions of GoodReader: GoodReader Pro, Secure Reader for BlackBerry. In these cases, you don't have to worry about subscribing to Pro Pack, it's already included.

With Pro Pack, you'll get access to amazing pro-level features that are hardly, if ever, found in mobile apps:

  • Military-Grade Encryption for files & folders.
  • Create encrypted and password-protected ZIP archives to send via unsecured public channels.
  • Add or Upgrade PDF Encryption and Password.
  • Secure Photocopy for PDF files.
  • Split Screen: read two files, or even two parts of the same file, simultaneously (iPad only.)
  • Dark Mode: gorgeous black interface, matching the Dark Mode setting of iOS.
  • Convert to PDF: convert your TXT, pictures, and other files to PDF, to draw annotations on them later.
  • Save Video Snapshot as PDF.
  • Adjusting types of PDF Annotations to include in the PDF Annotations Summary.
  • Working with multi-frame image files (Animated GIF, multi-page TIFF).
  • Switching Drives for OneDrive / SharePoint connections.
  • Many more cool features to come in the future.
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Fantastic App

This app delivers what it says it will deliver. I am on a national nonprofit board and travel a lot for work. I read a lot on planes and had a bulky laptop or the weight of documents. Still, I want to mark stuff up. This app lets me do that. I can annotate all I want. I can also organize .pdfs, conference agendas, research articles. You will get more than you expect. Make sure to read the instruction guide as there are many handy-dandy features that are not always so apparent (although all the basics are intuitive and easy to figure out).

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