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GoodReader Security: Military-Grade Encryption

Data Security: Military-Grade Encryption

GoodReader can encrypt all your files and folders with military-grade AES-256 encryption. This encryption works independently of the standard device encryption that is unlocked with the device passcode. So even if your device gets stolen and unlocked by a hacker, the GoodReader's built-in encryption will still hold.
You can choose between encrypting the entire GoodReader file storage, or select files and folders, leaving the rest of the files and folders unprotected, for quick and easy access without having to enter the password every time.

You can set up encryption in the app Settings, Security section.

Encryption is a part of Pro Pack

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Excellent iOS document multi tool.

UPDATE: Working great in iOS 11, including popover and split screen.

If you use your iPad for any serious reading or reviewing of documents, buy GoodReader immediately. It's power in managing documents will allow you to get to pretty much any storage service, and the powerful markup tools will make a quick job of reviewing and editing.

My power tip: once you've reviewed a document, GoodReader can send both the marked-up document *and* a summary of your markup via email in one click. Makes document review a breeze.

Technodad, Review on Apple Store