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Transmit Files From Your Computer Using iTunes and a USB Cable

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GoodReader USB File Transfer


USB File Transfer is the fastest and the easiest way to put files to GoodReader from your computer. Unlike with WiFi File Transfer, there`s no need to go through a complicated WiFi setup process and frustration of WiFi network Troubleshooting. Apple provides a way to transfer files between apps and a computer using a USB cable and iTunes File Sharing. The steps can vary depending on your MacOS version, and whether or not your iTunes or Music applications have been updated. The instructions below are for the most recent MacOS and application versions.
Please note that GoodReader`s Downloads and iCloud folders are not accessible for USB transfer. Use GoodReader to move files out of these folders before attempting to transfer them to a computer via USB.


USB file transfer using Apple`s iTunes File Sharing


To transfer files via USB

• Connect your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch to your computer via USB cable and the appropriate application will launch automatically (either iTunes or Music, depending on your MacOS version).

• Click the device button in the top menu bar of the application window (the button will look like an iPad or iPhone, depending on which device you`ve connected).

• In the left sidebar, click File Sharing, and an Apps list will appear.

• Select GoodReader in the Apps list and the files stored within GoodReader will be listed on the right. Click a folder to navigate into it in order to select files from that folder.

• Drag single or multiple files from the application window and drop them on your computer desktop to transfer them.

• To transfer files from the computer to GoodReader, drag and drop files from the computer desktop into the file list section of the application window.


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