Looking for GoodReaderUSB?

GoodReaderUSB is a small computer utility to transfer files and entire folders to GoodReader app on your mobile device over a USB cable.

If you're a user of an older version of GoodReaderUSB, you will need to update GoodReaderUSB to the latest version. Find the downloading link and the user manual below.

The latest v.2.5.0 update resolves the issue where devices with iOS 8.3 or later couldn't be accessed.

However, please note that due to Apple's security policy change, the "Downloads" folder is no longer accessible via USB on most devices with iOS 8.3 and later. "My Documents" folder is still fully accessible.

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (iTunes must be installed on your computer)

Download the program here:

32-bit version: GoodReaderUSB for Windows (32-bit) (v.2.5.0)

64-bit version: GoodReaderUSB for Windows (64-bit) (v.2.5.0)

Choose the version that matches the version of iTunes installed on your computer. Please note that older versions of iTunes may be marked as 64-bit, but in fact, use 32-bit code. Try both versions of GoodReaderUSB, if one of them incorrectly reports that iTunes is not intalled.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Download the program here: GoodReaderUSB for Mac (v.2.5.0)

What's new in v.2.5.0

  • fixed an issue where iOS 8.3 devices were inaccessible
  • support for 64-bit version of iTunes

(GoodReaderUSB is a product of our joint development project with awesome Macroplant company, check out their other applications, they're cool - http://www.macroplant.com)

After downloading:

  • unzip downloaded package
  • run GoodReaderUSB program

  • connect your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch to your computer via USB cable
  • select a device to work with (if you have connected several of them), select a version of GoodReader to work with (if you have several different versions installed on the same device)
  • drag your files and folders with a mouse to GoodReaderUSB program window (drop them to the rightmost section of the window)
  • you can drop bunches of files and folders, there's no need to drop them one by one
  • you can also drag files and folders in the opposite direction - from GoodReader to computer
  • wait for file transfer to finish
  • exit GoodReaderUSB
  • disconnect USB cable
  • start GoodReader app on your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch
  • enjoy your files