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WiFi File Transfer. Windows XP.

This page describes Step 6 of WiFi File Transfer manual.

Step 6. "Professional" transfer - connecting your iPhone as a network folder

This technique connects your iPhone to your desktop computer as a network folder. It creates a network folder shortcut, which you can use later to connect.

Connecting your iPhone to Windows XP:
  • Windows XP contains many bugs related to connecting to network folders. Many of these bugs are fixed by installing a special update from Microsoft. Make absolutely sure that you install this update on your computer:
    (follow this link in your computer's web browser and find the Download the Software Update... downloading link there, then select the correct language of your Windows XP before downloading the update)
  • on Windows XP computer open the Start menu and select My Network Places:

    If you don't see My Network Places there, you can open My Computer window, press Go One Level Up button and find My Network Places there:

  • in My Network Places window open the Add Network Place wizard (this wizard's location depends on a current viewing style):

  • the wizard will start. The whole point of this wizard is to create a network shortcut (network place) that you can use later to connect to GoodReader and to transfer files. Skip the introduction page:

    Select the Choose another network location item in the list:

    Enter your iPhone's IP-address taken from Step 5 of WiFi File Transfer manual. Enter it exactly as you see it on GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page, with http:// and :8080 parts:

    Keep the default name for the network place (network shortcut) suggested by the wizard:

    Finish the wizard:

  • when the wizard will close, the network folder will open:

    This is the folder with all files that are stored inside GoodReader on your iPhone/iPod. Use this folder the same way you use a normal Windows folder - drag-and-drop files there, copy, move, rename, delete, create subfolders, etc.
  • only when you're completely done with file transfer, close GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page
  • the network shortcut (network place) you've created will be located in My Network Places window:

    Use it every time you need to connect to GoodReader. But if the IP-address of your iPhone changes, you have to create a new shortcut (new network place) for a new IP-address using the same procedure.
  • please do NOT assume that the IP-address is the same as it was when you were connecting the last time - IP-addresses change periodically, check it every time when connecting

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