GoodReader User Manual

WiFi File Transfer. Windows Vista / Windows 7.

This page describes Step 6 of WiFi File Transfer manual.

Step 6. "Professional" transfer - connecting your iPhone as a network folder

This technique connects your iPhone to your desktop computer as a network folder. It creates a network folder shortcut, which you can use later to connect.

Connecting your iPhone to Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  • on Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer open the Start menu and select Computer:

  • find the toolbar at the top of Computer window and click Map network drive:

  • the dialog window will open. Do NOT enter anything in that dialog. Instead, click the Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures link there:

    The Add Network Location wizard will start. The whole point of this wizard is to create a network shortcut (network location) that you can use later to connect to GoodReader and to transfer files. Skip the introduction page:

    Select the Choose a custom network location item in the list:

    Enter your iPhone's IP-address taken from Step 5 of WiFi File Transfer manual. Enter it exactly as you see it on GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page, with http:// and :8080 parts:

    Keep the default name for the network location (network shortcut) suggested by the wizard:

    Finish the wizard:

  • when the wizard will close, the network folder will open:

    This is the folder with all files that are stored inside GoodReader on your iPhone/iPod. Use this folder the same way you use a normal Windows folder - drag-and-drop files there, copy, move, rename, delete, create subfolders, etc.
  • only when you're completely done with file transfer, close GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page
  • the Map Network Drive wizard dialog will stay on the screen at that moment - just close it, don't enter anything there:

  • the network shortcut (network location) you've created will be located in the Computer window:

    Use it every time you need to connect to GoodReader. But if the IP-address of your iPhone changes, you have to create a new shortcut (new network location) for a new IP-address using the same procedure.
  • please do NOT assume that the IP-address is the same as it was when you were connecting the last time - IP-addresses change periodically, check it every time when connecting

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