GoodReader User Manual

WiFi File Transfer. Troubleshooting Guide.

In case of trouble with WiFi file transfer, please try to do the following:

  • if your computer runs under Windows XP, make sure that you have installed the following update from Microsoft:
    (follow this link in your computer's web browser and find the Download the Software Update... downloading link there, then select the correct language of your Windows XP before downloading the update)
  • hard-reboot your iPhone (with powering off), reboot your computer and restart your WiFi-router (with powering off)
  • make sure that WiFi-signal strength is good both on your iPhone and on your desktop computer
  • don't use Bonjour-address from WiFi-transfer page, for Troubleshooting purposes use IP-address only
  • if you were using the "easy" WiFi file transfer method (described in Step 6 of our WiFi transfer manual), try the "professional", if you were trying the "professional" method, try the "easy" one.
  • if your computer is a Windows-based one, delete all previously created network shortcuts that you used for previous connection attempts
  • temporarily disable all anti-virus and firewall software of your computer
  • make sure that your iPhone and your computer are connected to the same WiFi-network. This is very important. Your computer must be connected to your WiFi-router wirelessly, not via cable.
  • make sure that you're entering the correct IP-address from GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page, with http:// and :8080 parts. IP-address may change from time to time. Please do NOT assume that it's the same as it was when you were connecting the last time.
  • make sure that you keep GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page open all the time while connecting
  • check if GoodReader asks your permission to allow connection
  • check if a red label flashes on GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page when you're attempting to connect
  • some WiFi-routers, while allowing Internet access to each device, may prevent peer-to-peer communication between connected devices. Check if it's the case. Depending on an actual router model, you may want to look for some setting like L2 Isolation, Layer 2 Isolation, or any other isolation.

Windows operating systems are very buggy when it comes to WebDAV communication. To check if it's a Windows bug and not a network setup problem, try to use AnyClient for file transfer - free and very convenient client application that can be downloaded for free at web-site. When setting AnyClient connection, select WebDAV in the Connection type field, and enter the full IP-address (with http:// and :8080 parts) in the Host field.

If all of this doesn't help, please contact our customer support service. Please provide the following information:

  • which operating system is on your desktop computer?
  • describe your network setup - do you connect your iPhone and your computer to a WiFi-router, or is your network created directly from your computer, without any router?
  • if you use WiFi-router, is it your own or is it some wireless public access point?
  • is your computer connected to your router wirelessly or via a wire?
  • did a red label flash on GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page while you were trying to connect?
  • which error messages, if any, did you see both on your iPhone and on your desktop computer?

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