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WiFi File Transfer. Linux.

This page describes Step 6 of WiFi File Transfer manual.

Step 6. "Professional" transfer - connecting your iPhone as a network folder
Connecting your iPhone to Linux:
  • different Linux systems have very different configurations, so it's hard to give exact directions that will match every Linux system. Consult your software documentation on how to connect to WebDAV servers. For example, on Ubuntu systems you have to go to Network in Places menu, where you can find your iPhone's connection already listed and you just have to double-click it. On other systems you may have to go to different menus and manually enter the IP-address from GoodReader's WiFi-transfer page there. Please note that some Linux systems demand that you replace the http:// prefix with dav:// or webdav:// prefix.
  • please do NOT assume that the IP-address is the same as it was when you were connecting the last time - IP-addresses change periodically, check it every time when connecting

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