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WiFi File Transfer. Creating your own WiFi network.

This page describes Step 1 of WiFi File Transfer manual.

Step 1. Creating your own WiFi network

If you're thinking of connecting your iPhone and your computer to a public wireless access point to transfer files from computer to iPhone - forget about it. Most public access points try to protect everybody's privacy by forbidding any peer-to-peer communication. Each of your devices will be able to access the Internet, but most likely they will not be able to communicate with each other.

This leaves you with another option - creating your own WiFi network.

  • Creating WiFi network with a WiFi router. Please consult your router documentation on the exact procedure, but keep two things in mind:
    • some routers block peer-to-peer communication by default, preventing your computer and your iPhone from being able to communicate with each other directly, so you will have to check for a setting that blocks such communication. Such setting may be called something like L2 Isolation or some other isolation. Please consult your router documentation for more details.
    • some routers offer wireless connection for wireless devices, and Ethernet (cable) connection for your computer. Such routers will often block direct communication between your computer (connected by a wire) and your iPhone (connected wirelessly). Please consult your router documentation for more details.
  • Creating computer-to-computer ("ad hoc") WiFi network directly from your computer, without any router.
    • Windows Vista / Windows 7 (show details...)

    • Windows XP (show details...)

    • Mac OS X (show details...)